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Municipal state-financed educational institution of children’s additional education "Children’s Creativity Center "Yuzhny"

Municipal state-financed educational institution of children’s additional education "Children’s Creativity Center "Yuzhny" is a versatile establishment, where 42 programs of general education on six orientations of children’s additional education are realized. Their content is focused on the wide range of informative requirements and interests of children and teenagers aged from 5 to 18. Every year nearly 140 educational associations work in the Center, where more than 2200 pupils study on the following children’s additional education orientations: art and esthetic, social and pedagogical, physical training and sports, sports and technical, tourist and local history, scientific and technical.

For many years our institution has been operating in the mode of sustainable development. The program of evolutionary transformation of all structural components of the Center’s activity system modernized by us has been developed. It is represented by four basic block modules: the educational environment, the educational space, the institution development management system and the social and pedagogical activity of the teaching staff.

The key to success is the high qualification of the teachers. 48 high-qualified teachers including 4 Masters of Sports and 3 winners of the regional and municipal competitions "Master of Pedagogical Work" work in the Center. 32 teachers are certified on qualification categories.

In the Center there has been developed a harmonious system of the work on the residence. In Zheleznodorozhny district of Ryazan there are seven teenage clubs which are an integral part of the Center educational space.

The Center constantly initiates carrying out mass actions, which subsequently become noticeable events in the pedagogical environment of the city. Besides numerous intra center and regional actions the city sports game "Zarnichka" for the children of younger school age, the city competition of the art photo "I Love the Earth", the city chess tournament, the city sports competitions "No to Drug Addiction, Alcoholism and Tobacco Smoking" are carried out.

The institution has become the resource center for promotion of fire safety among educational establishments of the city. For more than ten years municipal stages of the All-Russian competitions on the fire-prevention subject: the competition festival of children’s creativity "Talents and Admirers", the “Club of Cheerful and Resourceful” (KVN) game "I’d Become a Fireman", the competition of graphic and arts and crafts creativity have been carried out. Annually the Center team presents the Ryazan region in sports and competitive programs of the interregional field camp "A Young Firefighter" successfully.

The pupils of the Center are the main proud of its teaching staff. For years of the Center activity the teachers have grown up stable creative associations with their own traditions and success, such as: the choreographic studio "Dancing Little Men", the stuntman group "Lloyda", the theater studio "URAgan", the folk musical instruments ensemble "Fantasiya", the folk and ethnographic theater "Rusich", the fine arts studio "Raduga", the vocal studio "Garmoniya", the photo studio "Kadr". The pupils of these associations are winners and prize-winners of international, all-Russian, regional and city competitions and festivals. In 2011 the pupil of the "Fire Applied Sports" association Sergey Kazmin was the captain of the junior Russian national team on fire applied sports, the double champion of Russia, the silver and bronze prize-winner of the II World Cup among juniors. He has been twice awarded with the Ryazan region Governor incentive grant and by the President of the Russian Federation. The pupil of "The Vocal Skill School" Ilya Krasilnikov has been also awarded with the Ryazan region Governor incentive grant.

Today the Center is the III all-Russian competition of the institutions of children’s additional education winner in the Central federal district and its all-Russian stage, the numerous winner of the city review competition "On the Best Sports and Physical Training and Mass Work Statement among the Institutions of Children’s Additional Education", the city and regional review competitions on the best organization of work on fires prevention; the city competition among the educational institutions on patriotic education in the nomination "The System of Patriotic Education", the city competition "The House in Which We Live".

The Center is a special country of childhood with its own values, traditions, victories, pleasures, cares and anxiety. We do our best to make every minute spent by the child at us give him as much new, useful and interesting as possible.